‘And now I will show you the most excellent way.’ …

‘And now I will show you the most excellent way.’

In time of crisis, at a time when religion is hijacked for evil purposes we need to remember the essense of Christianity. 1 Cor 13 feels like such an appropriate passage to be looking at in the light of last weeks bombings.
When religion goes wrong, as it so often does, this essense which often seems so trite, a pop song cliche, ‘all you need is love’ but this is the essense we rediscover.
Love subverts the whole heirarchy of evil, corruption, violence and retribution. It defines God, and it should define the church.
The way of Jesus is the way of love. Other centred, self sacrificing, turning the other cheek, forgiving, welcoming, generous, fighting opression and the things that enslave.

This is Gods call on our church.

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