Daily Prayer

Prayer is one of the great privileges of the Christian life. It is walking with God in the cool of the day, it is an echo of eden, a glimpse of eternity.
It  can be understood by a child but takes a lifetime to learn fully. One of the best ways to join in the life of church is to pray with us, and with the church across the world.

There are many good patterns of prayer, and we encourage people to explore different forms in order to find one which works for them. But of course something life prayer also requires discipline and dedication. It will sometimes be hard work, and tempting to give up. Good structures can help us through hard times.

Simple Morning Prayer

This is a very simple format of Morning prayer, idea for praying on the move.
Simple Morning Prayer 

Anglican Daily Prayer

Known as the ‘Office’ – this is the pattern of daily prayer from the Church of England  website. In it you will find both the Lexionary readings for today, and the Collect for this week.These links are also useful for prayer resources. You don’t have to pray the whole thing (it sometimes is a bit long). Feel free to extract parts of it.

Morning Prayer for today.

Evening Prayer for today.

A simple structure might look like this.

  • Opening prayer
  • Psalm of the Day
  • Silence
  • A reading from the Bible
  • Prayers for ourselves, our community and our world
  • The Collect of the day
  • The Lords Prayer

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