Our homegroups are currently meeting online, and they are probably more important than ever right now. If you would like to join one please email homegroups@churchonthecorner.org.uk

You can find the order of evening prayer and our current series on the homegroup resources page.

easter-mealHomegroups are such an important part of our life together. We have three groups that meet in different parts of Islington. One in Angel, one in Barnsbury and one in Highbury. They meet three times a month or so, on a Wednesday evening at the house of one of the members. They are very simple.

  • We Eat together
  • Worship together
  • Study & discuss
  • Pray for one another

Eating together is one of the simplest expression of community. Breaking bread and sharing the joys and sorrows of our day is life-giving and soul nourishing. We share responsibility each week, with one person cooking and another leading the Worship and Discussion.

Worship together. Worship is simply stopping and being present to the God who is with us, and reminding ourselves that we are loved, and part of Gods great story for the world. It can be very simple, and you might just say a prayer or include one of the following.

Study & Discussion. In practice the most important part of a study isn’t Bible comprehension, but engaging, enriching discussion. You might not get to an answer that satisfies everyone, but the process is the important thing. We have a range of resources available for your group here. We aim to have for a short stimulating bit of input with with questions to provoke discussion.

Homegroup studies can be found here.

Prayer. This is always the bit that gets squeezed out, not just due to lack of time, but because it is sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Some suggestions for prayer here.

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