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Church on the Corner is an Anglican church in Islington, London

Prayers-on-the-Move-flyerThe Bishop of London writes:

Whatever our church tradition, we know that authentic prayer – listening deeply and responding obediently – takes time. Our busy city life will eat up all available hours and it is a good discipline to remind each other of the importance of prayer by having deliberate seasons of waiting upon God.

With this in mind, I am very happy to be a part of ‘Prayers on the Move’, a campaign during Lent by SPCK to encourage prayer as part of London’s daily life.

There will be many ways for us to be involved in this endeavour. The adverts on the Tube will provide an opportunity for Christians to talk to their friends about prayer. Parishes may wish to organise a related outreach event, hold a prayer vigil, walk or flashmob near their local Tube stations or distribute prayer leaflets.

Prayers on the Move will launch on 9 February and the adverts will be in trains for the last two weeks of February. Resources to support churches in engaging with the campaign will be available from

Advent Project 2015

December 1, 2015


Our Advent project for this year is now complete. Thank you to all who contributed, and for the beauty, wonder and inspiration.

Children know all about Advent as the season of anticipation, as they open the doors of their advent calendar and impatiently count down the days until Christmas. But we know that Advent is more than just anticipating Christmas.

Anticipation is a beautiful thing, but one all too often lost in an on-demand culture.

Our advent project this year explores the experience of anticipation. What does it mean? What is it like? Where do we experience it in the world? What are your stories of having anticipated something? Where is anticipation expressed in art or nature? What are you anticipating in life or in faith?

Using words, images or any other medium – you are invited to reflect on your experiene of anticipation and contribute a thought. Make it concise, pithy, poetic, visual, provocative, inspiring or moving. 

Each day in Advent one member of our community will share their reflection and we will collate the work on our website here.

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