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Church on the Corner is an Anglican church in Islington, London

Easter Sunday Lunch 2014

April 25, 2014


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“Man shall not live by bread alone….” but the CoTC Easter meal was a good start.
There were many delicacies on offer: a Greek-Cypriot starter of flaounas, dolmas, spanakopita and olives. Mains consisted of slow-roast lamb shoulder, seasonal vegetables, and field mushrooms stuffed with cous-cous and quails’ eggs. Neither did things tail off at dessert with chocolate cheesecake, ambrosia and a wonderfully balanced tiramisu.

I digress. To finish the quotation: “…but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

This is where our sense of community comes from and why week in, week out we spend some time together to remind us of the bond that we share in Jesus. So, no, we don’t live by bread alone, but we can move on to Sarah Bowers’ tiramisu and, if we’re mindful, end with God’s word to exist in community that is incredibly blessed.


Service of Shadows

April 6, 2014

Service of Shadows

Our now traditional Service of Shadows takes place at the end of Good Friday. It is a beautiful, poignant service of readings, candles and contemplation; a solemn vigil to make this most holy day and to prepare for Easter.  It begins at Sunset, which is 8pm this year. Please be on time.


The Service of Shadows is adapted from the service written  by Jeremy Williams (formerly of this Parish) at Lifeworks.

image source: Stefano Corso


April 5, 2014



Shadows of Easter


While searching for an image for our Service of Shadows postcard, I came across some beautiful images. None of these made the final cut, but they are all stunning.


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