What we believe


As individuals we believe lots of different things. The people who make up Church on the Corner are at many different stages – some have been Christians for very many years, some are just exploring what being a Christian might mean.

Whoever and wherever you are you are welcome here. There is nothing you need to sign up to before you come along. This is a safe place to ask questions and explore faith.

However here are some of the things that are important to us.

  • We are Christian. That might sound obvious – but one of the things that means is that we are shaped by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, and we are rooted in the rich and ancient intellectual and spiritual tradition of Christianity. And we love the richness that is to be found in surprising places. Some of the ways that might be expressed is by saying an ancient psalm, by singing old hymns, or by learning spiritual wisdom from other parts of the Christian family.
  • We are Anglican. The Church of England is a broad church with a rich history. It is the historical via media – the middle way between religious extremes. That can make it a frustrating place sometimes, but generally the careful, thoughtful approach is the safest one. And it is really important that church is a safe place for people. As a church we are accountable and that matters a great deal.
  • We are Biblical. That is a phrase which can be taken many ways, but what it means at Church on the Corner is that we take the bible seriously, and pay close attention to it week by week in our preaching and wrestle with what it means, what God is saying to us today, and how to put it that into practice.
  • We are Sacramental. This is one of the areas that we have grown into over recent years. Christianity is not just about ideas, it is about relationship with God. And that relationship is experienced in a variety of important ways like prayer, worship, the bible, silence and in creation. But most importantly in the central act of Christian Worship – Holy Communion. It is both a reminder of the central event in the Christian story and a tangible participation in it. We share communion every other week, and we invite everyone to join in. If you would like to participate you are welcome.
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