Disconnect lent 2018We love this fast paced hard wired digital world with its breathless rush of creativity, opinion, noise and ideas. But there are addictive qualities to it, when through the constant stimulus we are in danger of losing the ability to sit still, to be quiet, to listen, even to sleep.

Lent has always been a time to cut back, reassess, and to make time for deeper things, echoing Jesus 40 days in the wilderness.

So for each Lent at Church on the Corner we encourage a Digital Fast. Choosing to switch off some of the forms of media which demand our attention and switch on to things quieter and richer. And you are invited to join us.

How to do it? Simply set a limit of ~30 minutes a day for whatever forms of media most demand your attention. There are some good apps to help your discipline.
And take up something else.

be silent
be alone
be with people
learn a language

It is not an irony that we will use social media to make this happen, we have no desire to be less connected, just a desire to use that connectedness more constructively. And if you are feeling brave let us know, and we can share in the experience together. You can make your pledge public: Use twitter @cotclondon #digitalfast
Or use the comment form below.

May you find peace in the midst of a hectic world this Lent.

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