Church on the Corner

Church on the Corner is an Anglican church in an old pub in Islington, London

There is no lovelier time of the year. Our festivities start next week with our now legendary Beer and Carols, after the service at 8pm.

Beer and Carols 2017

Then the following week is our delightful Carol service. Arrive early to guarantee a seat.Carol Service Invitation 2017

And once again this year we are supporting Angel Tree – an excellent charity which supports children who’s parents are in prison at Christmas.


Advent Project 2017B.001

One of our favourite traditions at Church on the Corner is our annual Advent Project, now in its eighth year, where we work together to create something a little bit magical to mark this Advent season of preparation and anticipation.

Our theme this year is Wisdom.  There are moments in life when you hear words so wise and true that they speak to your very soul. And we we need to be better at holding on to them.

Wisdom gives a better return than gold . It is more valuable than precious stones; nothing you could desire is equal to it.

So members of our community have been asked to hunt out wisdom and we will share  proverbs, inspired by scripture and experience. Some are profound, others wry, some even humorous. And each day we will share one online and collect them at church.

We do love our Christmas at COTC, from our beautiful Carol service with choir and candles to our 9 course Christmas Meal, or our new tradition of Beer & Carols. We’re still finalising some of the details of our other Christmas programme for this year, but I thought I would get the main events up. Can’t wait.

Whats on Christmas 2017.001.jpeg

Truth to Power

Our sermons this Autumn will be on the book of 1 Samuel. It is the story of the rise of the greatest King of Israel, and is full of familiar tales. But there is much more going on than the slightly Sunday school feel that many of them have. It is God’s perspective on the nature of leadership, the responsibilities of those in office, and the corrupting effect of power. And as such may just have something to say to our world today.


Fruit of the Spirit postcard

Our sermons this term have been on the lovely theme of the Fruit of the Spirit. We’ve really enjoyed exploring this theme, I’m struck that we spend so much time saying that Christianity isn’t about being good (and it isn’t) that we forget that God really does transform us little by little into something wonderful.

Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness.
Anne Frank

And if you would like one, we have made a little commemorative postcard for you to remind you something of what we have learned.

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