Day 1. Ash Wednesday. I withdrew my £50 this mo…

Day 1. Ash Wednesday.

I withdrew my £50 this morning, a bit nervous about making it last for the week. I am aiming at £5 a day general expenditure, to give me some slack for other stuff. So I went straight into Starbucks for a meeting – good start! Starbucks normallys account for a lot of my disposable income. Economised with Tea instead of my normal Latte. Good meeting.

Its now after lunch, and I am in the office & hungry but I need to not go out & buy lunch as usual, and instead go home and make something. Already organised a pub visit after the Ash Wednesday service at St Andrews tonight… I don’t think I can get other people to buy me drinks for the next six weeks.

One thought on “Day 1. Ash Wednesday. I withdrew my £50 this mo…

  1. Week 1

    Wednesday 9th Feb – Ash Wednesday (Day 1)

    Am – A bad start to the campaign when I realised that I’d forgotten to pick up my dry cleaning over the weekend. Things got even worse when got to the shop early and to kill time bought myself a coffee. Hmm, it’s not even 9am on day one yet and I’m almost a tenner down. Good job it wasn’t Starbucks otherwise could have been even worse. Clearly need to readjust from my extravagant London ways.

    Lunch was the next big spend. Hungry so went for the canteen hot dish. A whopping £3.50 gone (or alternatively one Tazo Frappucino). Hmm, Am I really going to have to make sandwiches every day?

    PM – Ah, a bad start but a great recovery. The joy of working late is that you get free food so one Chicken green pepper and black bean sauce courtesy of RI. Even managed to gain by taking the last of the today’s milk home to save buying a pint (don’t worry, it’s allowed! I’ve not turned to petty crime so early in my adventure).

    Also after working late get a free cab home. Hurrah! Don’t know whether this is showing how to live on the bread line or rather proving that those who already have plenty get even more. Still to salve my conscience I’ll make sure I claim back the £20 from work before I spend it.

    Total spent so far = £34.60 (£12.60 really)

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