7 thoughts on “Meaning

  1. I think it is important to remember that nothing we do can make God more glorious (or less). He was glorious long before we were here, is glorious inspite of our failings, and will be glorious for eternity. Too often our reponse to a spiritual conundrum is ‘what can i DO to achieve this?’

    I think that God’s glory is already here. We need to seek it out and enjoy it. Sometimes it is obvious like standing on a big empty beach, other times it’s small things like smiling at strangers. All those things that make you feel alive and vital. As we enjoy God more we will reflect him more and so we will glorify him.

    At first i thought this all sounded a bit lazy, but actually it is incredibly liberating. No boxes to tick, no formula to follow. God is here, God is glorious- enjoy him.

  2. Yep I think Piper has been a major inspiration on me, though perhaps the most inspiring bits of his work are the CS Lewis quotes! I was chatting with Alex Goldfinch about him on sunday night, and we agreed that his book Desiring God was genius. That website link above doesn’t seem to work work – should be right

  3. I like what Jeremy’s said about enjoying God for who he is, in the everyday realities of life. I first came across this idea of glorifying God by enjoying him from American pastor John Piper. Piper puts it this way: “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” You can find his website here.

  4. Mate!
    Just visited my blogg site for the second time since setting up. How did you find me? I didn’t expect to get a response from anyone let alone a B in C! How do you find the time to blog so proficiently?
    Got to go and kiss my 3 little boys goodnight – catch up with you later. TTFN

  5. I love the idea of enjoying God – enjoying his creation, his presence, just God for who he is. And I think that’s about knowing God and involving God in the everyday realities of our lives. It’s about loving the things he loves and hating the things he hates. And laughing with him. God has a great sense of humour.

  6. Good thinking Bruce. That phrase from the Westminster Catechism was

    “The chief end of humanity is to glorify God and enjoy him forever”

    What does it mean to glorify God, and what does it mean to enjoy him (I think those two things may be connected).

  7. The main thing I took from this service was to glorify God in all we do and keep this at the front of our minds at all times. I have created my own interpretation of what this means but talking to Pete after the service it made me realise it is one of those vague concepts we (in my opinion) talk about but don’t really get down to what it means in practical terms. My interpretation of glorifying God on a personal level is to stay on the path he has laid out for us (yep thats vague also) and our actions and words to be guided by His Word. Now I have just looked up the dictionary definition and worshipping features heavily. So celebrating God in that way is glorifying Him, that also makes alot of sense to me. So I’m actually looking for a sentence that encompasses all that glorifying God means while not being too vague. I feel this would help me when for example I’m not feeling spiritually connected and make a decision on what to do based on it. Any thoughts?

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