Chaos Theology : Wealth

What are you worth? What is it that makes us rich? We are treading on dangerous ground when we raise questions about wealth and money, and a working theology of wealth is not going to be easy. But it is the subject that Jesus talks about more than any other than the kingdom of God itself, and our christianity is shallow if it doesn’t effect our attitude to wealth.
The sermon in our series can be downloaded here. Comments and questions below!

3 thoughts on “Chaos Theology : Wealth

  1. Yeah I think that is right, richness of spirit comes from knowing God, and enjoying him and his Glory. But I think it has ‘measurable’ quality. A richness of spirit has a weightyness, a depth. It is probably a combination of wisdom and trials and prayerfulness. You sometimes see it in older christians – and it was Jesus through and through.

  2. Enjoyed the passage from Deuteronomy – some sound advice. Also had not really thought about what it means to be rich in spirit before. Quite a challenge, but what an amazing state to end up in – being rich in spirit. Does that link in with what the estimable Mrs Crease was saying about enjoying God and his glory (see blog re Meaning)? By doing that, do we become more aware of what it is like to have a wealth of spirit and therefore more likely to reflect it?

  3. Great stuff Mark. Made me think of this site: The Global Rich List. It’ll tell you exactly how rich you are.
    In case you’re wondering, I’m in the top 7.2% and there are 5.5 billion people who are poorer than me.

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