Pub church Brighton

An old friend of mine from vicar factory has been appointed to a new job in Brighton, and is being supported by the diocese to plant a new type of church in the city centre. They are meeting in a pub, and have a focus on the sort of people who would not normally go to church (sound familar?) They have a website here: Christ Church Brighton . Please pray for them – I am sure these first months will be hard but exciting.

5 thoughts on “Pub church Brighton

  1. interesting suggestion jw. reminds me of a part in the book ‘the shaping of things to come’ (from the reading list). it refers to one of the authors’ developmental work with churches in oz. he asks the churches this question: if you could go back and start from scratch would you do things differently? churches invariably answer a resounding ‘yes’. he then asks: what is stopping you from changing things now? so… what would you have done differently if you were part of the initial church on the corner plant? (oh and yes i will finish the book and give it back to you soon!)

  2. sounds like a great idea, thats a pretty busy pub too… might worth a look when next in brighton… its a shame our church didnt stay more pub-like if you ask me!

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