COTC Global

I was tracking where people visit the COTC blog from, and I was amazed to see lots from North American, and even one from South America. Click on the picture above to see the last 50 visits. You are all very welcome, it is amazing to have so many international guests, but who are you all? Say hello – introduce yourselves!

6 thoughts on “COTC Global

  1. hi mark, I enjoy keeping up with what COTC is doing in London and then cribbing as many cool ideas as I can. I probably account for some of your TX hits, and maybe even one of the New Mexico hits.

  2. hi mark fletcher and all you church on the corner people…one of those north america hits is me while i am traveling through texas and trying to keep up w/ my peeps in the UK…and since you rarely blog at midwinter…i keep checking out the cotc site to see what is going on in your part of london

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