Church on the Corner

Church on the Corner is an Anglican church in an old pub in Islington, London. Service at 7pm every Sunday.

We have been doing better at being creative this term at COTC, the service leaders have been taking initiatives, and that has had inspired lots of others. Jeremy made a short film about prayer, a beautiful simple piece of work drawing on the image of a message in a bottle.
He writes…
‘I think the message in a bottle makes a interesting metaphor for prayer, because it is simultaneously a symbol of both hope and desperation. The castaway on a desert island resorts to messages flung into the outgoing tide because there is no other way to communicate. And at the same time, there’s hope as that message is thrown into the sea – hope that someone will find it, that someone will send help. It’s a last hope and an only hope. And it’s going to take patience. It’s a symbol of hopeful waiting, and faith in eventual rescue’.

3 thoughts on “a short film about prayer

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

  3. Nate Custer says:


    These are great, any chance you could share a high-res version somewhere so I could download them for use in my youth time? If you need webhosting space let me know, I have space I could give you to upload them.


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