COTC Pub sign

I was thinking today about what image I would like for our new pub sign outside church. How about an iconic Jesus image in the style of the Angelic, or how about doing something in reaction to that.
One of my favorite images is Banksy’s Fallen angel
How about this for our pub sign?

16 thoughts on “COTC Pub sign

  1. I think the image shows a fed up do gooder. One thing the church is famous for – after being something to do with God – is for mixed messages/metaphors, division, hipocrosy, confusion etc

    No matter what we may choose – in my opinion it may be advantageous for us to cut through the intelligent irony and and covert slogans of todays media and advertising industry (and Banksy) with something simple and clear without room for misinterpretation.

    Just a thought…

  2. i agree with nozworthy, not much hope. the style is good. praps we should look at this in a marketing style. break it down into what the thing says and what we need it to say.phew i came over all metro sexuale then ,sorry about that.

  3. Yep, its just a sign. But as you say marketing is about communicating a message – not just about being contemporary.

  4. bloody hell guys its a sign! a sign is a point of marketing. we live in london ,londoners like contempery signage ,adsverts or whatever. does it need to be a symbol of sin or ideology? we seem to be lossing track hear.

  5. Thanks for responding. I think I am beginning to see what you are getting at. In answer to your question I think the NT is clear that ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’. And one of the purposes of the Sermon on the Mount is to show that even the most ‘righteous’ person is a sinner.
    Would you agree?

  6. And what is your definition of sinner anyway!! That’s the bit that really needs to be revisited in your ideology!

  7. Right I see what you mean now. However, the only fallen angel was Satan. People are not fallen angels, we are God’s creation that sinned and was tempted of this fallen angel. But then you would know all that. People searching for truth would undoubtedly think it was the entrance to a club, surely. Then again, that is what the COTC is I suppose.

  8. This comment seems to miss the point of the sign. The fallen angel is an image of the sort of people who are welcome at COTC.
    It is not a refuge for saints but rehab for sinners.

  9. Are you serious? Since when do you need a completely irreverent, disingenuous piece of shite like that when you say you have the message of salvation????????? It is laughable how you try to project Cool Christianity. What are you like?

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