Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice…

Our series on Isaiah is coming to a conclusion, and the theme of our concern for justice, and our understanding of the extent of God’s concern for our world is at the fore. You can hear the sermon on our resources page. It is making lots of us feel uncomfortable – which is not a bad thing, but I asked for us to be talking about about this issue together. What does it mean for us to properly live out justice and righteousness?

2 thoughts on “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice…

  1. I’ve been really struggling with this. The idea that we have disassociated righteousness from justice really struck a chord with me.

    I find it much easier to gloss over issues of justice than of personal righteousness.

    My encounters with people who are suffering from injustice tend to be very brief and so it’s much easier to focus on my own world.

    But the idea of not being able to disassociate the two – of fixing my eyes entirely on Jesus and his desires for me personally and for the wider world makes a lot of sense when I think about how Jesus lived.

    I feel a bit sick thinking of how little I do this. But then life hums busily along and I get caught up in it all.

  2. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Isiah talks generally, well actually when Mark has done them. Not that I have minded visitors but I have not really felt that those visitors “weigh in” with regard to getting the core of what the passage is about and get the REAL marrow out from those spiritual bones we are picking. I think it has been a real spiritual banquet for me on the whole. Thank you Mark. Also I like the idea of – on a monthly basis – three talks and biblical studies for three weeks in a row and then on the fourth week, a once a month creative experience or journey/trail of something a bit different or new. From every angle I feel this to be a good compromise in moving forward as a church and experimenting creatively yet keeping focussed on the Lord.

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