Urban Wilderness

Church on the Corner are at Greenbelt this year, very exciting. We are doing a session in the new forms cafe called Urban Wilderness – the spirituality of the city‘. This is our blurb –

Christian spirituality has often focussed on escaping the noise and pressure of the city, so how can those who live in its midst find sacred space? An act of worship reflecting on finding wilderness in the heart of the City.

It will be a combination of Audio/visual meditation and reflection, and I hope the process of preparing it will help us to think more about our own faith in the midst of this city. Greenbelt is a fantastic Christian arts festival that takes place over the August Bank holiday. Last year was four days of unbroken sunshine, and amazing sets by Billy Bragg, Duke Special and Beth Rowley, so no pressure this year! Hope you can come along.


2 thoughts on “Urban Wilderness

  1. Thanks Ken, glad you worked out what was going on. We were slightly concerned that we might start a riot… perhaps a slightly extreme recreation of the city experience! “Secrets of an ordinary girl” will be posted on Sunday after Camile has had chance to record it.

  2. Thanks for a great worship experience at Greenbelt 08

    It took me a while to get it that I was interacting with “actors” as I arrived.

    I found the liturgy and monologues partcularly moving and inspiring.
    Please post the words of the monologues if possble, especially “secrets of an ordinary girl”

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