At Greenbelt 2008

Greenbelt 2008
Welcome to all of you who are visiting after seeing us at greenbelt. Thanks so much for coming to our session, and all the positive feedback. We worked really hard on our set, and it was particularly gratifying to feel the passion with which you all engaged with the liturgy for the city at the end.

There is a really positive review of the session by Lev Eakins on the Christian Aid website.

Lots of you said that you wanted to use the service in your own churches. We plan to have the whole service available. Feel free to adapt it and send us feedback on how it went for you.

Urban Wilderness – Running Order (40 mins)

Audio: City noise rising to crescendo. Actors create urban hassle. If you want to make your own you can find recordings at Freesound and Soundtransit.

Freeze. We got the idea from ImprovAnywhere. See here

Reading: Opening pages of ‘If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things’, by Jon McGregor.

Monologue ‘Confessions of an ordinary girl’ Camille Cetina (available shortly)

Secrets We asked people to reveal a secret that reveals something of who they really are. These were collected in buckets

Film: ‘People’, directed by Richard Fenwick.

Reflection Urban Wilderness (available shortly)

Prayers Liturgy of the City

Conclusion. Whispered Secrets over the noise of the city – Download MP3

Depart. As people leave they receive a random secret from the buckets to take with them.

As Jeremy says – we seem to have neglected to take photos of the event. If you were there and were responsible for some of the flashes I definitely saw, could you send something!

Other greenbelt stuff
The 2008 Portraiture project

My COTC flickr photos can be found here

4 thoughts on “At Greenbelt 2008

  1. Hey guys, just to say I loved the session at Greenbelt. Really challenging and inspiring. I am planning to do this with our youthgroup, so looking forward to seeing the rest of the stuff.

    Thanks again – see you next year.

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