2 thoughts on “Advent Countdown 2008

  1. Hi Patrick.

    Not sure about the graffiti (can’t read it) or the anti-semitism. But my take is that we celebrate the birth of him who tears down these ridiculous barriers we make between ourselves, dividing with hate due to race, religion, whatever. Christ unites with His love. We are challenged to do the same, and not to build walls (physical or metaphorical) that keep others out/in.

    I’m confident you’ll find a warm welcome if you fancy popping by on a Sunday eve, 7pm. Look forward to meeting you.


  2. Dear friends,
    I am looking at the picture on your website of the separation wall in Israel with Mary and Joseph barred from their destination; can you explain it to me? Very interesting. Is this how you celebrate the birth of Him who was born King of the Jews, by presenting an anti-semitic picture (note grafitti) which implies the Jewish people have no right to live in safety in the Land God gave to them? I eagerly await your answer.

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