Christianity in the Digital Space

I spent the last few days at a symposium at St John’s in the beautiful city of Durham. It was a gathering of christians working in the digital environment, and it was a fascinating gathering of people.

The highlight was Bishop Tom Wright who came to speak on the final morning his address in on Youtube

In keeping with the event I twittered my notes on his talk:

The Christian Gospel is about reconstriction. We lead the way into a post-postmodern world #BishopTom #digisymp

We don’t know who we are in a cosmos where God has been removed and the earth is shaking beneath us #BishopTom #digisymp

Our quest for identity is in danger of being narcissism rather than individualism. #BishopTom #digisymp

Martin Luther’s definition of sin ‘Homo in se incurvatus’ – ‘mankind curved in on itself’ #BishopTom #digisymp

Lets live in the real world, celebrate it, enjoy it; if our biblical theology isn’t big enough get a bigger theology #BishopTom #digisymp

Geography matters because God made this world and doesn’t intend to abandon it. A theology of place. #BishopTom #digisymp

Some episcopal churches appear all root and no fruit, but you don’t enhance the fruit by chopping off the roots. #BishopTom #digisymp

offline/online christian community not an either or and we need to keep the space between them -gnosticism is the real danger #BishopTom #digisymp

We are dealing in the aftermath of the failure of geographic rootedness. Church must be part of reconstructing that rootedness. #BishopTom #digisymp

We need to get beyond self-selecting community. Rich relationships will not always be easy ones. #BishopTom #digisymp

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