Greenbelt 2010
What a delightful bank holiday weekend. Greenbelt was much more mellow than last year (probably helped by the fact that we weren’t doing a major slot) and a fantastic collection of speakers and acts. My highlights were a bit cerebral – Stanley Hauerwas and Richard Rohr both amazing. Everyone got very excited about Mr & Mrs Vicarage from Rev being there. But perhaps my most enduring memory will be our girls playing in the sunshine on the deep grass of the racecourse on a beautiful late afternoon.

I come away from Greenbelt every year with a deep sense of peace, optimism and refreshment. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I used twitter to record some of my favourite quotes from the festival. Here are my top 5:

5) The Church of England is the great peace treaty of the English civil war. The terms of the peace treaty is that we worship together, but we don’t talk about God or Politics. It is dinner party rules.#gilesfraser

4) ‘we have become very bored with cerebral religion, with the talkativeness of it all’ Bishop of London

3) I am the great enemy of subjectivity. I just don’t care what your personal relationship with god is. #Hauerwas

2) Intellectually, my strength is there is nothing I’m not interested in, and my weakness is there is nothing I’m not interested in. #Hauerwas

1) The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better#richardrohr

Photo by Ush

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