Classic Christian Books

Here is a good idea for the New Year. Some of the books which have had the biggest impact on the shape of contemporary Church are the first Christian books that people read. There is a real art to this kind of writing, aimed at those outside or on the threshold of faith. Their simplicity and clarity makes them great reading.

So the suggestion is that we make a New Years resolution to (re)read some of the classic introduction to Christianity books and aim to read them critically and yet humbly. We should be prepared to learn, but also alert to the errors they make, (for those mistakes tend to take root in the Church in disproportionate ways). Just reading a chapter a day  will help to root you (to use the language of Psalm 1) in streams of water that will sustain you through the days ahead.

Here are the top four recommendations;

Mere Christianity  (1952) – C.S. Lewis

Basic Christianity (1958) – John Stott

Simply Christian (2006) – Tom Wright

The Prodigal God (2008) – Tim Keller

You can find them on Amazon (often at very reasonable prices if you buy second hand) and we will run this as an online book group, so in time there with be a forum for each of these books to share your experiences and reflections. Get stuck in, and see this as a good spiritual discipline for the New Year.

3 thoughts on “Classic Christian Books

    1. I find this invitation to read very refreshing. I am reading Mere Christianity for the first time. I ve decided for the first time to write in the book whenever I want, whenever I find something underline-able. Highlighters, underlining, anything! That’s refreshing too.

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