Bemerton Soul 2015


One of the highlights of the year is Bemerton Soul. It is a holiday club that we run on the Bemerton Estate in the first week of the summer holidays. We talked to three people from Church on the Corner who got involved for the first time this year.

What made you sign up for Bemerton Soul? I came along to the Sunday service last year and thought it looked really fun, and it’s a good way of reaching out to people in the local area.
What did you do on the day? I was part of the best team (Red of course) and spent a lot of time running round, shouting encouragement in games, wearing lots of red accessories, and helping the team think about the Bible stories we heard and what they meant.
What were your favourite moments? Getting soaked on messy water day, and winning the first ever game of Octopus on the first day!
Any other reflections? As well as getting to know the young people it was a good opportunity to get to know other Christians in the area. Hopefully the effect of Bemerton Soul will continue year round.

What made you sign up for Bemerton Soul? I wanted to be involved with something the parish was doing for the community.
What did you do on the day? I supported the youth football group. Helping to set up the pitch before hand, and then welcoming and engaging with young people throughout the session.
What were the highlights/ favourite moments The football mini games were a great way to work together an get to know the young people. After one of the testimonies I asked one of the young people what they thought of it and we had a conversation about God and the Big Bang.
Any other reflections? Bemerton Soul was a great way to raise the profile of the work the parish is doing all year round in the community. I was glad I took part and will do so again next year!

What made you sign up for Bemerton Soul? I was already involved in the GAP and I wanted to continue to be involved with the community.
What did you do on the day? Bubble station!
What were the highlights/ favourite moments Seeing the younger kids playing together and getting excited over something so simple.  The amount of joy that the kids got out of some soap, water and string was amazing!
Any other reflections? It was really nice to be a part of a community wide event that not only included the kids that participated in Bermonton Soul, but their families as well. Since we attend COTC, we don’t often get to meet and socialize with members of the community that may attend other churches in the parish — or not attend at all!

Bemso3 Bemso4 Bemsofootball

Bemerton Soul will be back next summer. If you have been inspired to get involved speak to our rather talented children’s worker Steve Mawhinney.

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