Advent 2015

Children know all about Advent as the season of anticipation, as they open the doors of their advent calendar and impatiently count down the days until Christmas. But we know that Advent is more than just anticipating Christmas.

Anticipation is a beautiful thing, but one all too often lost in an on-demand culture.

Our advent project this year explores the experience of anticipation. What does it mean? What is it like? Where do we experience it in the world? What are your stories of having anticipated something? Where is anticipation expressed in art or nature? What are you anticipating in life or in faith?

Using words, images or any other medium – you are invited to reflect on your experiene of anticipation and contribute a thought. Make it concise, pithy, poetic, visual, provocative, inspiring or moving. 

Each day in Advent one member of our community will share their reflection and we will collate the work on our website here.


1st Mark Fletcher
2nd Stephanie Manson
3rd Ellie Welsh
4th Stavroulla Andreou
5th Helen Coffey
6th Chloé Smith
7th Izzy Turner
8th Cat Seaton
9th Tadz Billam
10th Jen Ehninger
11th Suzanna Hamilton
12th Georgie Wright
13th Helen Raftery
14th Bill Ehninger
15th Hiten Jethwa
16th Ruth Mawhinney
17th Kate Monaghan
18th Sarah Bowers
19th Luke Bowers
20th Ruth Mead
21st Anna Schultz
22nd Suzanna Bidgood
23rd Emily Hockley
24th Bevan Goldswain

Some thoughts on Preparing your Contribution

This project is intended to allow you to express your creativity, so don’t feel constrained by what follows. However if you would like some guidance or inspiration then read on.

Anticipation can be experienced in various ways and many places. It may be very personal and immediate, it may be global or political or philosophical.

It is a slightly more difficult theme than we have done before – and the challenge is in how we express anticipation, and why it matters.

If you are writing something aim for pithy – remember that most people will be reading on their phones.

If you are sending images or other files be careful with file formats – try and use stuff that you can embed in a gmail or hotmail message. People will tend not to follow links.

And on your day aim to send it as near to 9am as possible -it is good for us to be consistent.

But above all, enjoy it and express yourself. Make some time to sit with the theme, either in silence or in a place that will inspire you, and take risks – there really isn’t a right answer to this.

Inspiration from Literature has a great selection of quotations on the theme of Expectation here.

Inspiration from Visual Art
A wander round the Tate Briton in search of the visual expression of expectation might be an hour very well spent. But the website is very good too. I also like Flickr as a place to search for images

Inspiration from Music or Movies
How does great music or film express anticipation? How about choosing a good movie and watching it while questioning what is being anticipated here, and how is that expressed or experienced.

Inspiration from Advent Hymns
Advent Hymns tend to get squeezed out as we rush towards Christmas, but there are some beautiful ones here.

There is some excellent advent material on the CofE website too – find it here.

Comment below if you have other ideas about finding inspiration.

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