Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer.jpgOne of our commitments this year has been to pray more as a community, and as we approach Advent, and all the joys and wonder and opportunities that the Christmas season brings, we are planning to spend another day in prayer on the 30th October.

We would encourage the whole community to set aside time that day for prayer. But specifically we will have a continuous cycle of prayer in the chapel. And you can sign up to take an hour during the day.


As before the chapel will be set up to be a place that helps you to pray, with creative ideas and lots of inspiration. Praying for an hour might sound intimidating. But once you get there, the time really does fly by. And time in the presence of God is never dull.


Thank you all for your contributions to this lovely day. The chapel is a blaze of creative prayer, and we had people joining in our hour by hour prayers from all over the world.

If you want to keep the prayer, or use them again another time you can download them here: COTC Book of hours.

Images from the day.

One thought on “Day of Prayer

  1. Love the way you are embracing prayer – not boring stereotypical but an exciting time just ‘being’ with our Father
    We are planning to have the fourty days of prayer leading up to Pentecost in our Baptist church in semirural Millgrove preceeded by the Alpha course led by Bear Grills

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