Lent 2017

Dethroning Mammon.jpg

A Prayer for Lent

Father you call us to learn
to trust you in famine as in feast,
and to seek your kingdom before all things.
As we begin this season of Lent
give us joy in the simple things
gratitude for what we have
rather than disquiet over what we don’t.
And may we discover in your presence
a peace that the world cannot give.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lent is a season in the year of the Church which follows Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days. It is a time of stripping things back and choosing a simpler quieter life, so better to encounter God.

One of the things we will be doing together is reading a book as a Church family. The book for this year is by ++Justin Welby called Dethroning Mammon. It is an examination of the place that money plays in our society, and what it looks like to genuinely trust in God rather than finance. There are 6 chapters, and we plan to read one a week, you can reflect on it in the comments below, or after church each Sunday.

To get hold of a copy obviously you can buy it from Amazon. But given the subject matter it might be a thought to buy it from somewhere that treats its staff better.

If you are near Westminster my favourite bookshop is here.


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