Lent 21 – The Long Wilderness

If there was ever a year to think about Lent differently, this may be it. We have been in a season of Lent for a whole year – this has been our long journey through the wilderness. And Lent is about walking in the footsteps of Jesus in his 40 days in the wilderness. And so it isn’t just about what you give up, but what you learn and who you become through that simplicity and solitude.

And it is possible that this 40 days will be the end of our long wilderness experience. But if that is the case, then in the rush to get back to normality it is important not to forget. So the question is, what have you learned? How has God shaped you over this year, and what are the ways that you have grown. We will be reflecting on this together over this season as we look forward with an anticipation greater than ever before to the end of this longest lent and the majestic new beginning that is Easter. I’d love to hear your reflections on that. mark@churchonthecorner.org.uk

The wilderness has been a formative experience for many, and if you want to read some reflections as you make sense of your own experience of wilderness here is some recommended reading.

Rowan Williams – Silence and Honey Cakes
Alan Fadling – an unhurried life
Stephen Cottrell – Do nothing to change your life
Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster
The Sabbath – Abraham Joshua Heschel

One thought on “Lent 21 – The Long Wilderness

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly and will pray on this Lenten Journey that we continue to be level headed, that we wear the masks etc etc, that we will be vaccinated sothat we can be with our loved ones across borders, that we can travel without tremendous uncertainty. It is being a very long wilderness and with Jesus, we will celebrate a brighter, holier, safer, healthier (climate and other) future in the Glory of the Resurrection.

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