Advent 2011 – Images of Eternity

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

Each year we like to mark Advent in some way, to avoid it being lost in the busyness of preparation for Christmas. Often our projects are wordy, so this year we are going visual.

What are the things that will endure into eternity?

It is a fascinating question, and if advent is the season of looking forward to the coming kingdom of God then our aim is to try and catch glimpses of what a new heaven and a new earth might look like. Each day we will aim to post an image which could be a glimpse of eternity. So set your imagination to work, reflect on the Biblical promises and challenge our expectations. It can be an image you find, or one you have taken, or even one you have created yourself. It could even be audio or video.

We are looking for 24 different contributors from church, and you can sign up by emailing mark.
Further details, and inspiration can be found in the how-to guide here.

1st December – Chelsea Purvis
2nd December – Jessica Swift
3rd December – Stephanie Manson
4th December – Anna Jones
5th December – Mary Beth
6th December – Ruth Crease
7th December – Greg Mileham
8th December – Sarah Perrin
9th December – Anna Shultz
10th December – Barry Dunnage
11th December – Molly Stephenson
12th December – Heidi Aho
13th December – Luke Bowers
14th December – Sarah Hedges
15th December – Kate Monaghan
16th December – Tom Crease
17th December – Will Groat
18th December – Jayne Cookson
19th December – Dave Masom
20th December – Catherine Oborne
21st December – Sarah Hulcoop
22nd December – Ellie Welsh
23rd December – Bevan Goldswain
24th December – Mark Fletcher

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