Over the next couple of months we will be doing a writing project together.

It’s based around this exercise: write about home without mentioning any house you’ve ever lived in.

Spend a few minutes each morning over the next month, writing about home. Write without too much forethought, write rapidly and uncritically, and of course, write without mentioning any house you’ve ever lived in.

Use the thoughts and images that arise as creative sparks to inspire a short piece. You can then submit your writing to appear as part of an anthology based on the theme of ‘home’.

In support of developing a piece of writing, there will be four writing workshops run by Stavroulla and myself, which will introduce you to some poetry and fiction writing exercises. These will take place at church from 10.00am – 11.30am, on the following Saturdays:

Saturday 31st Jan
Saturday 7th Feb
Saturday 28th Feb
Saturday 7th March

The submission date for writing is Saturday 15th March.

Writing about home in this way can take us on an inspiring journey. It can also open difficult memories or feelings, so do make sure you have a chat with a friend or family member, if you feel you need to.

If you’re interested in taking part in this process (whether that be just writing at home or coming along to the workshops too), do let me know by emailing rebecca.mackenzie@gmail.com



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