giants-stride copy

Almost immediately on hearing the advent theme, I thought of the moment depicted in this picture: The Giant Stride. Laden with cumbersome scuba gear, this is the best way to get from the boat into the water. You simply take a big step. This is a moment of intense anticipation. What will I find below the surface? Friendly sea turtles or poisonous sea snakes? Did I connect and double check my tank properly? I look forward to this moment because of what awaits — great beauty and truly incredible life unable to be experienced from above. Let’s approach this season of waiting with the same expectation that what we are about to experience is something amazing. Look out for the beauty and diversity of life the surrounds us daily. And remember that what we wait for is a miracle even greater than breathing underwater: O’er the hills the angels singing News glad tidings of a birth Go to him your praises bringing Christ the Lord has come to earth

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