Autumn 2019 Teaching - Genesis.001

This Autumn we are studying a part of the Bible which haunts our post Christian culture with memories of the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tower of Babel, the fall, Cain and Abel to name just a few. Join us on our journey as we ask what does all this mean, and why do these stories still matter so much.

Genesis 1 Sermon

Genesis 1 (Part2) Sermon

Genesis 2 Sermon

Genesis 3 sermon

Genesis 6 Sermon

Genesis 12 Sermon


Lukes Gospel term card 2019.jpegLuke 1v1-4 – A singular life

Luke 1v46-55 Magnificat

Luke 2v41-52 Wisdom and stature

Luke 4v14-21 The Year of the Lords Favour

Luke 4v1-12 Lent

Luke 6v20-36 – Love your Enemies

crowntheyear1pp26th November 2017 – Crown the Year. On the last sunday before advent we took the chance to look back at what it seemed God has been saying to us this year.
Psalm 65 – Crown the Year


Truth to Power

Autumn 2017. Each autumn we undertake a big and challenging sermon series. It was with some trepidation that we approached this imposing Old Testament Book, but it turned out to be a surprising, rich and fascinating journey.

1 Samuel 2 Sermon

1 Samuel 16 Sermon

1 Samuel 22 Sermon

1 Samuel 24 Sermon


Fruit of the Spirit postcard
Fruit of the Spirit Sermons

Spring 2017

Fruit of the Spirit – Patience


Church on the Corner Annual Report

COTC Annual report 2017


Isaiah 1.001.jpeg

Isaiah – Autumn 2016

This term at COTC we are exploring the momentous book of Isaiah, a book which sets the scene for the whole New Testament. It is a book rich is hope and wisdom even as it confronts the wrongs in our world.

4th September Isaiah 1 sermon

11th September isaiah 5 sermon

25th September isaiah 6 sermon

2nd October isaiah 9 sermon

9th October isaiah 11 sermon

16th October isaiah 29 sermon

23rd October Isaiah 36-39 The Story of Hezekiah

30th October – isaiah 40 sermon

6th November – Isaiah 43 sermon

13th November Isaiah 52 sermon

20th November Isaiah 53 sermon

27th November Isaiah 55 sermon


4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Mark, good job on the visual sermons- I’m liking this bite-sized format. Just wondering if there is accompanying audio for the Psalms sermons?

  2. Really appreciate the time it takes to post all of these… so good to catch up when I can’t be at church. Thanks

  3. Hi Mark Im sorry I didnt get chance to say how much i enjoyed your sermon at St Andrews today. You have such a talent for drawing people into the bible and making it real.And I just listened to the sermon on here and I’m hooked. Thank you for the effort you put into your work.

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