Sophia’s birthday at the Roxy was great fun, even …

Sophia’s birthday at the Roxy was great fun, even if some questions need to be asked about the music. However I have now blown my entire weeks money, and it is only Saturday. I did try to work it – walked down, got there before 8.30 to get in free, but beer at over £3 a go… well anyway. Not sure what happens now… maybe I can take a bit out of next weeks?

4 thoughts on “Sophia’s birthday at the Roxy was great fun, even …

  1. “The Lenten question is not whether there is good news for the poor. Fortunately, that does not depend on us. The Lenten question is whether and how much we are prepared to live in solidarity with this good news.”

  2. Other peoples comments on this whole thing is a very good perspective. And the question about how this helps anybody is a good thing. But I guess the same question applies to Lent in general. Is there any value in self denial at all?

  3. Day 4 – Saturday 12th February

    Ha! Thanks to a delay at work (every cloud and all that…) and a mix-up with mobile phones it meant I could get away with only two pints last night. Bonus! And it wasn’t ridiculously expensive either, so all in all a London night out for £5.20. That’s probably one of my cheapest nights out ever since I moved here.

    For those of you doing the maths that left the princely sum of £4.20 for the weekend. Clearly some careful budgeting was going to have to occur.

    So first thing I got in my grocery shopping to see me through most of the weekend. Only the bear essentials:

    Banana – a must before footy training
    Saturday Guardian (come on, we do go to cotc)

    And I still have £1.43 for emergencies. (Is that enough for a beer from the corner shop? I’ll have to investigate.)

    You see Mark, we should have said the weeks start on Sunday then we could use this first week as a short trial and hit the ground running for week 2 proper. But the task has been set and we must adhere to it, no point crying over spilt milk (though if I did spill it there could well be tears as I’ve only got a pint left).

    So quiet Saturday night in it is, thankfully Chris (flatmate) is in the same boat so at least we can both be Billy no mates together. We’ve got 6 nations rugby, Spurs in the FA Cup and match of the day. Who needs to go out?

    Final thought for the day, I did have to tell my friends what I was up to and the responses ranged from the fairly negative to the really negative. Here’s a sample:

    “You’re F***ing mental”
    “It’s all very commendable but you’re mad and I’d never do it”
    “You work hard why on earth do you want to deprive yourself?”
    “How much do you think you’ll save while doing it?”
    “I hope you’re treating yourself to a nice holiday at the end of this”

    But in amongst the banter there was a very interesting point:

    “So how on earth does this help the poor people?”

    Hmm, that’s a very good question. I did spin the line about helping to understand their situation a little more but really they’re no better off at the end of it. I’ll go back to my Latte-loving, sandwich munching, £3.50 pint ways and they’ll be no better off. Definitely something to think about there.

    Still at least I’ve got a nice holiday booked at the end of this.

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