Lots of people at church seem to be struggling alr…

Lots of people at church seem to be struggling already. The major issues seem not to be the general expenditure, but the regular luxuries. We seem to spend to get us through the tough days, we throw money at problems. Not being able to be indulgent towards ourselves and others is hard. I don’t think I realise how much money I spend doing this.
Katie said last week that the 40 days of lent is measured as 6 weeks minus the sundays… I think I understand why now. So today is officially not Lent. Just 24 hours not to have to think about money stuff is a relief. I know this kinda blows out the whole solidarity thing…

One thought on “Lots of people at church seem to be struggling alr…

  1. Day 5 & 6

    I think it’s time for some good news on this Lent diary thing, something to lift the spirits as we come towards the end of week one.

    Unfortunately I’d been taught that the 40 days of Lent didn’t include the Sundays as you should be abstaining for those anyway. So for me anyway, and I’m happy to accept there are others who’ll think differently, Sunday was another day for counting the pennies.

    Except of course I didn’t need to count any. Not one single, solitary copper left my pocket all day! A careful combination of tea drinking and biscuit nibbling from Christian hospitality, making good use of the bread from Saturday’s shopping spree and availing myself of the general free food at work meant I approached Monday morning with the same balance as Sunday morning, and consequently slightly higher spirits about the whole affair.

    And it gets better. In a rare fit or organisation I sorted out my expenses (I really should do this more often, I’m embarrassed to say just how much was lying in unclaimed receipts in my wallet) and so got back that £22 for the cab last week. So now I’m actually better off than when I started the weekend! All of this budget control called for some sort of celebration and so I had the large salad bowl for lunch (£2.50).

    But is this just unnecessary gloating? And really am I cheating anyway given that crazy working hours mean (a) I get free food courtesy of my company and (b) I don’t’ get the chance to go out and spend it?

    Here’s my reason for sharing this good news with you. Frankly it’s been an awful week at work with a massive deadline looming (yes this post time is correct). However, and this may seem nuts to you, every time I’ve thought about the Lent challenge it’s been a good way to focus on something else. Working late is a chore, but when I’m looking to only spend £50 a little part of me secretly goes “Brilliant, this is going to be a cheap day”. Everytime I reach for a free banana or put a slice of free bread in the toaster I glow inside knowing that I’ve not had to spend a penny for it. Ordinarily I’d not think twice about it but I’m actually getting a kick out of being a cheapskate and really appreciating all those nice little perks in our office. Kind of like the same thrill you got as a student when you discover a tin of peaches in the dented can section in Sainsburys, or when the BSE crisis kicked in and you ate steak for a month ‘cause it was only £1. (Or was that just me?)

    So hurrah for the Make Poverty History adventure! Hurrah for adding colour to my grey and mundane week! Hurrah for letting my inner scrooge express itself without fear of reprisal! So I ask you fellow fifty-pounders to join me in raising a glass of an inexpensive beverage to the first week of the challenge and the light relief it’s bought me. And raise it once more for the next 6 weeks that lie ahead. Penny-pinching can be fun!

    You know what I feel so inspired I might even get the night bus home. Well, I’ll see how cold it is outside first.

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