Its okay to fail. We said this at the beginning, …

Its okay to fail. We said this at the beginning, but it is important to say it again now. This is not like new years resolutions, break it once and it is over. We fail, we start over.
I was chatting to one of the lent challengers last night and they were looking a bit bashful. They had broken their glasses, and were completely stuck, so had to buy a new pair, which obviously completely blew their budget. Then there is me. I drove up to North Wales for 36 hours at the end of last week. I just needed some space and air. Two beautiful winter mountain days, but the petrol alone cost me £50. Up till that point it had been a very frugal week…
I think part of this challenge is not in the succeeding, but in the failing, in realising how much we do fall short. Realising all the things which are blessings rather than a right, recognising the ways in which God does give us our daily bread, and much more. Essentially it is a gospel truth, that we are followers of Jesus because we fail, not because we succeed.

3 thoughts on “Its okay to fail. We said this at the beginning, …

  1. God fixes a fix to fix you, if you fix the fix before it fixes you God will have to fix another fix to fix you…
    He has a plan….

  2. Book recommendation: Whether or not you’re doing the minimum wage challenge, read Hard Work:Life in low pay Britain by Polly Toynbee (Guardian columnist).

    She did the challenge in 2003, but actually moved into social housing and worked in minimum wage jobs so got a fuller feel of what it’s like to live at that level. Very revealing and interesting. Would be interesting for journalists from certain other newspapers to try to do the same.

    And if you don’t have the cash for many books this months – Islington libraries have copies.

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