The extraordinary first century figure of Jesus of Nazareth has been largely subsumed in the west by the economic and political wrangling of seventeen centuries of Christendom. Jesus became an icon, typifying the ideals of a dominant culture and manipulated from age to age to suit the cultural landscape. The reality of the man was too often lost. Rob’s own journey, forged in reaction to the decay of western Christianity, and distilled through an eastern perspective gives him a unique perception of Jesus. Doxology reinterprets the figure of Jesus for post-Christian culture, not with the reductionism of the late modernist “historical Jesus” concept, but seen through the richness of artistic tradition within the church, in order to express the reality of peoples encounter with this Jesus through the centuries. Rob’s work is much more than observation; his method, which emphasises not subject or outcome but rather the experience of the artist in a given context leads us beyond the purely aesthetic to the conjunction of material and spiritual, it intends to draw us beyond the object into the encounter which it describes.

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