Paul – A new play by Howard Brenton

“Taking the remarkable life and moral teachings of this profound religious thinker, Howard Brenton explores the extraordinary phenomenon of faith. While offering a secular reading of the story of Christ’s resurrection, at the play’s heart Paul preaches from his Letter to the Corinthians, the eloquence of which cannot fail to move.”

The Creative communications homegroup went to see the play last week, and they found it somewhat provocative. Stavs has recounted one of the pivotal moments which you can read here. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Paul – A new play by Howard Brenton

  1. That first comment is obviously blogger spam – we get a couple of those a week, but that one is really clever – to include my name and the jesus reference! So Ithought I would not delete it, just because it made me chortle.

  2. i cant really tell if it sucked from the transcript… it looks like it might have but it would depend on direction and acting. however. my heart is warmed when christians make the effort to engage with the arts outside of church. and it is good to hear that in some corners the bible is a living breathing document up for debate and interpretation. i may not agree with this one but i think the process is a healthy one… how about the people who went what did you think? worth watching?

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