Chaos Theology: environment

The fundamental challenge of any serious appreciation of the environmental crisis facing our generation is that we cannot hope to sustain the lifestyle we cling to, while denying it to others on the planet.
Perhaps for us the least comfortable aspect of Jesus call to kingdom living is the commitment to simplicity.
Is there life after materialism? Is their a better way?

4 thoughts on “Chaos Theology: environment

  1. Thanks Lidarose. That link didn’t quite work – it is here. I think you are right eating meat in large quantities has huge environmental and sustainability impacts. Apparently it require 54 time more energy to produce beef than the equivalent vegetable protein.
    There is an interesting article on the subject

  2. I don’t know where the quote is from, an internet search turned up nothing…
    But talk about “respecting God’s creation” — one of the things people can do to live more simply is to eat less meat, or no meat. I have become much more aware of this since reading the recent book Veggie Revolution. Since it is particularly disturbing to me to hear fellow Christians thrashing environmentalism, I was delighted to happen upon your website.
    If you are interested in reading more about the above topic (from a U.S. perspective) check out the book or the author’s blog .

  3. “If you are ever have a question of the morality of an action, think of the effect if everyone did it”.

    I can’t remember who said that (any help?), but I was reminded of it during the sermon on what we can practically do to respect God by respecting his creation.

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