Chaos Theology: Spirituality

Imagine life was a Waterstone’s bookshop…
Spirituality is a huge growth industry in our Culture, yet christians are unwilling, or afraid to engage. This sermon was intended to help us understand and connect with the secular spirituality of our age. I am not so sure how well the sermon recording thing is going, so someone suggested a summary of the sermon, based on my notes. Is this a better plan? If there areprevious Chaos Theology sermons that notes would be useful for I can provide those too.

9 thoughts on “Chaos Theology: Spirituality

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  2. Mark – you asked for feedback on notes/audio. Having just the notes don’t work for me – they’re fine as a memory tool but not to start you thinking.

  3. I read an interesting report on a recent consultation entitled “Evangelism In A New Age”.

    It can be found at this web address:

    (You might have to copy and paste that; I’m not sure how to get it to link, if you know what I mean.)

    It talks about moving from confrontation to incarnation and describes new religions as being “unpaid bills of the church”.

  4. Hello Soph, a nice insight into the all round professionalism of COTC there with the gaffer tape image! I really like that idea of relating to the spirituality of our Christian friends as well as our non-christian friends… we so assume that all our relationships with God follow the same pattern, but of course they don’t – they are as unique as our personalities.

  5. Sorry – that was Soph. And before I pressed all the wrong buttons I also wanted to say that I really appreciated the challenge to think about how we can be relevant to people’s thirst for spirituality. Got me thinking about how much I know about what’s going on mentally with my friends and what they think, but how little I really know of their spiritual journeys. And not just my non-Christian friends either. I’m not sure I can even build up Christian friends by relating to their sprituality.

  6. Well, Mark, having had a cheat this week & read the notes before I heard the sermon, for me it’s not the same thing really – notes are by nature a bit too reductionist for my liking. I like hearing the build-up and come-down and it’s been good being able to listen when I’ve been away. The quality of the recordings did get better when you gaffer-taped the mike to your chest……

    But equally if it makes things easier I’m happy to go along with notes.

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