2007 in Review

We had a fantastic Christmas. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it special. Last Sunday we had a service looking back at the year that was, and as part of the evening there was a slide show of some of the highlights of the year. Here it is so can hold onto those memories. Thanks to Pete for the soundtrack – not just of the year in review but of  the year as a whole.

8 thoughts on “2007 in Review

  1. Such a lovely video to look back on! Love the way you clearly have THE most sporty couple at church playing cricket!

  2. Ellie and New Year service posse…

    Really enjoyed it thank you so much!

    Loved feeling like the service was all around me.

    Good music Sam.

  3. I could take or leave the arts exhibitions Tomo, but I like the trips idea. Was thinking we should go on a church bike ride one weekend. Either some urban adventure, or get the train out to some forest somewhere! The healing sounds interesting, what about a Jazz bomb ball again? And of course, who could forget, the football tournament. It is the fifth year this year….. more to follow!

  4. i’d like to see an increase in knitted beards. And maybe some more arts events (like the photography exhibition, or maybe the corner art prize), and perhaps some filming, and some debates, and trips, and some searing honesty and healing, and powerful love and radical forgiveness. and maybe a duck call here or there.

  5. I could not believe the year past, its made me really excited about what ’08 will look like. Lets dream big and take action. Any ideas of things you want to see happening or things you want to do lets get talking about it!

  6. Actually good work ellie! The year in review service last sunday sounds fantastic. (Ang and I had a lovely week off as well)

  7. Wow! How quickly a year goes by! We seem to have done so much stuff in the last 12 months! Really nice to be able to look back and see so many happy times! Good work Mark!

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