Morning service church plant

As of September 2009, we ended our morning service and planted into St Andrew’s – the parish church down the road (map here) – with the hope of helping them to grow the sort of vibrant, diverse, family-friendly church community that would effectively reach out to our parish and beyond. It has started with a smallContinue reading “Morning service church plant”

Kings Cross Redevelopment

Things are changing quickly in our local area. The arrival of Eurostar and the redevelopment of the old railway sidings at Kings Cross is apparently the biggest brownfields redevelopment in Europe. It will mean something like 3000 new homes, shops and offices on the edge of the Parish, and is sure to have an enormousContinue reading “Kings Cross Redevelopment”

Who would live in a church like this?

  We had a fine time on Sunday night, with the Archdeacon and the trustees of the Cloudsley trust visiting, loads of people and Sam going all Justin on us (I wanna try somethin’ right now. See they don’t do this anymore…). Love this picture. The waving thing was intended as a homage to theContinue reading “Who would live in a church like this?”