48 Hours of prayer

24:2 prayer

This weekend we are taking some time out with God as church. We will be praying for 48 hours, and you are invited to participate.  The chapel will be filled with a mix of solo and group prayer, in all sorts of different styles and forms. You will be able to follow the event here.
Update: The weekend was amazing, and the Chapel looked beautiful. Toms pictures can be found here

Prayer Chapel

Library - 4062

Library - 4065Library - 4063Library - 4061

Library - 4062 Library - 4060
Library - 4064

2 thoughts on “48 Hours of prayer

  1. Half way through, two happy hours completed and the chapel is slowly being transformed by our prayers. Its thought provoking stuff and I’ve been loving feeling close to God and surprising myself that I haven’t run out of things to tell Him yet!

    There are 3 slots left for the weekend so do write your name down and book yourself in.
    Also HAPPY HOURS still to attend are tonight 7-8pm and then the hour before church Sunday 6-7pm. All welcome.

    Hopefully will have some photos up soon. :o)

  2. If you have not signed up to Pray here this weekend I really recommend it, the space is really well put together and there is much food for thought. Thank you guys. We did an early morning slot and the hour flew by and it was a really special hour for our Home Group, I think its going to be a great 48 hrs. Thanks again.

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