Lent 2010

Tom writes:

Lent starts on Wednesday. For those of you feeling slightly nervous about the prospect of feeling duty bound to give up chocolate or pork pies (or another vital food stuff), let me remind of you of what some of us did last year – we embarked upon reading the whole of the New Testament over 40 days.

As Mrs Crease will testify, for me chocolatelessness = not good, so I will be taking up this reading challenge once again. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it last year and am looking forward to doing the same this year. If you are interested in doing the same, I attach a reading plan for Lent 2010. There is a decent amount to read each day, but if you get a bit behind, the plan allows for Sundays to catch up.

Happy reading – I pray that you will find something new about yourselves, about your walk with Christ and about God’s Word during this Lenten period.

The New Testament in 40 Days Reading plan

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