Prayer for Homegroups

Homegroup Online 22nd April Homegroup Online 29th April During this time of social distancing we have put together a slightly more formal patter of evening prayer for our home groups. We find this works better given the limitations of Zoom, and allows everyone to participate one at a time. Online groups work best when oneContinue reading “Prayer for Homegroups”

Easter 2008

If felt to me that Easter brought together all the themes we have been exploring over the last few months, themes like Kingdom, justice, restoration & creation. On Sunday morning we reflected on the resurrection account in Luke, and also this wonderful image by Stanley Spencer (click for a very large version). He imagines theContinue reading “Easter 2008”

Surprised by Hope

I was at a fantastic Advent lecture by Bishop Tom Wright before Christmas, based on his new book ‘Surprised by Hope’ [Amazon]. It was a thorough exposition of Christian Eschatology, and a deconstruction of lots of the crazy ideas and bad thinking that dominate popular ideas about life after death. Ultimately it is given withContinue reading “Surprised by Hope”

The peoples republic of heaven

This term at Church on the Corner we are studying Luke’s gospel, a series called ‘The peoples republic of heaven’, an intentionally provocative title which should become clearer as we go on. Luke is unique, and quite distinct from the other three gospels, with its own purpose and message. Gospels are not simply collections ofContinue reading “The peoples republic of heaven”