Switching off for Lent

We’ve been thinking about Lent, and what the things are that we are dependent on. And top of many of our lists was the permanant connectivity that we now take for granted. Email, Facebook, Twitter, TV, iPod, Radio are all amazing tools, but when we become dependent on them they are noise which drowns out who we really are. This Lent we are disconnecting. 40 days of limiting the ways we use media, to rediscover what we have to say, to connect in older ways, or just to be silent. You might want to record your experiences in some way – write, draw, photograph; let us know how it unfolds for you.

UPDATE We developed this further in our 2012 Disconnect project


2 thoughts on “Switching off for Lent

  1. I’ve decided to give up music (personal, when I’m home alone or with ear buds in, I obviously can’t avoid it completely) for lent. I’ve noticed how easy it is for me to distract myself with music to shift my mood, thoughts, etc. Even in the few days of lent thus far it’s been challenging, because I’ve relied so much being able to block the world out with headphones. It will be a good journey. Nice to a similar thought, even though I haven’t seen you or CoTC people in months and months.

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