School of Prayer 2013

School of Prayer is back this Wednesday. We are going to be having a conversation about contemplation led by Corin Pilling who will be sharing his story of encounter with God in the contemplative. 7.30pm at Church on the Corner “To learn contemplative practice is to learn what we need so as to live truthfullyContinue reading “School of Prayer 2013”

Prayer for Homegroups

Homegroup Online 22nd April Homegroup Online 29th April During this time of social distancing we have put together a slightly more formal patter of evening prayer for our home groups. We find this works better given the limitations of Zoom, and allows everyone to participate one at a time. Online groups work best when oneContinue reading “Prayer for Homegroups”

Into Great Silence

This evening we are watching the film ‘Into great Silence’. A remarkable piece of cinema, probably not an easy watch, but a telling a insight into the lives of the Carthusian Monks. It sounds more like an endurance test than entertainment, yet this one-of-a-kind experience proves surprisingly immersive. Read the reviews here on Rotten Tomatoes.Continue reading “Into Great Silence”

Switching off for Lent

We’ve been thinking about Lent, and what the things are that we are dependent on. And top of many of our lists was the permanant connectivity that we now take for granted. Email, Facebook, Twitter, TV, iPod, Radio are all amazing tools, but when we become dependent on them they are noise which drowns outContinue reading “Switching off for Lent”

Advent Daily Prayer 2010

Each year at Church on the Corner we mark Advent together, and this year we are exploring prayer. Advent is a really important season in the church year, often lost in the the run up to Christmas. Advent means ‘the coming’ it is the solomn fast before the great feast of Christmas, and it is aContinue reading “Advent Daily Prayer 2010”