Into Great Silence

This evening we are watching the film ‘Into great Silence’. A remarkable piece of cinema, probably not an easy watch, but a telling a insight into the lives of the Carthusian Monks.

It sounds more like an endurance test than entertainment, yet this one-of-a-kind experience proves surprisingly immersive.

Read the reviews here on Rotten Tomatoes.

It will start at 7pm upstairs in the Chapel – if you are late, come in quietly!

One thought on “Into Great Silence

  1. Yes. A retreat in miniature, this film. Beautifully human, hence divine. I have enjoyed thinking back on it. I loved the comment about the Holy Spirit being like the sun on one, unique and subjective … if that was it….. The film reminded me of another film “No Greater Love” about a silent order of nuns in Notting Hill……. which I recommend.

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