20th Birthday Celebration

Birthday Invite

This autumn it will be 20 years since Church on the Corner began, and we are planning a special service on 28th September. All of you have played your part in making COTC what it is today and we would love to celebrate this and the ways in which COTC has made a difference to the lives of everyone who has passed through.

So whether you can attend on the 28th or not, please send us your stories of your time at Church on the Corner. What did you take away from your time at COTC and what memorable things happened whilst you were here?

Our desire is to have these stories and pictures available both at the service and online after the event – this will be our gift to the next COTC generation, a reminder of what God has done in this place and an encouragement to keep growing in the next 20 years.

1. Your name and when you attended Church on the Corner (we’d like to have a timeline of stories so give us at least a rough timeframe to work with)
2. A favourite photograph from your time, and the story behind it.
3. Your COTC memories – what was important about your time at Church on the Corner and what did it mean to you.
4. Any amazing/crazy/unforgettable events you’d like to remind people of.

We’ve set up this special email address in the anticipation that you will flood us with memories so please email them to us 20years@churchonthecorner.org.uk

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