Lent 2016


In our homegroups over Lent we are going to be using some excellent material created by Winchester Diocese based on the Rule of St Benedict.

St Benedict wrote his rule for christian communities over 1500 years ago, and it has been one of the most influential documents in the history of the world. Probably no document other than the Bible has so shaped western Christianity, and ‘The Rule’ is credited amongst other things as being one of the foundations of democracy, and saving civilisation in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. As a result St Benedict is the Patron Saint of Europe.

It will be unfamiliar to many of us, and isn’t always comfortable reading, but it is filled with practical, pastoral wisdom, and many would attest to the benefit of its spiritual disciplines.

The material can be found on the Winchester Lent Course website.

If you are looking for good reading this Lent I would recommend a couple of books based on the rule of St Benedict.

One is by my new favourite Author Kathleen Norris called ‘The Cloister walk’. (You can find my review of her first book ‘Dakota’ here.)

And the second is called ‘Seeking God – The Way of St Benedict’ by Esther de Waal.


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