Morning service church plant

As of September 2009, we ended our morning service and planted into St Andrew’s – the parish church down the road (map here) – with the hope of helping them to grow the sort of vibrant, diverse, family-friendly church community that would effectively reach out to our parish and beyond.

It has started with a small crowd of us joining in with what was going on already, getting stuck into the community and helping out where we can. Hopefully we can involve more people from COTC in different ways as time goes on.

It seems like our story has gone full circle – from All Saints, to COTC and now into St Andrews, but it is an exciting new stage for us, and particularly with all the changes and development going on in our local area this seems like just the right thing at just the right time.

Please be praying for us – it will be quite a change from our simple little morning service at COTC to being in a huge, ancient church building but our intention is to give generously and pray that God will bless that generosity for the sake of his Kingdom

You can read the whole story below:

COTC Morning Service

One thought on “Morning service church plant

  1. Hi, I’m the children & families minister at an inner city church in Melbourne, Australia; I’m planning to visit London in the next few weeks (between 29th Sept and 18th Oct to be precise). I’m very interested in the decisions you have made about your morning congregation, because we are looking to make some radical changes in this area of St Jude’s ministry, in an effort to become more outward focussed and more effective in reaching unchurched families. Is there any chance that I could have a look at what you are doing, and meet up, while I am in the area?

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