Church on the Corner

Church on the Corner is an Anglican church in an old pub in Islington, London. Service at 7pm every Sunday.

We made this video in honour of James and Katherine’s wedding. G E N I U S!


5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Child of the 80s says:

    Cut….or sent in to you’ve been framed?

  2. Jimmy smooth says:

    Amazing! So chuffed, honoured, thankful and blown away! Thank you all so much! Though that eighties footage of a random boy doing a dance should be cut surely?

  3. 'could it be really me?' says:

    I think Neils little tashe droop with Kels snigger is also very funny. Maybe not as good as the beige clown with his whisk!

  4. Clown-in-beige says:

    Glued? Nah, that mop/tache sequence is my absolute favourite bit – comic timing you couldn’t teach, just GENIUS!!!

  5. Christella says:

    Brilliant! Hilarious! Should be on ‘You Tube’. But I think that mustache should’ve been super glued. Lol!

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