Advent 2014

Each year we like to mark the season of Advent with a creative project. And this year we are working on a visual presentation of our favourite lines from Christmas Carols, text overlaid on beautiful or provocative images. There will be one each day running up to Christmas. You can follow it on our Instagram page. There isContinue reading “Advent 2014”

Christmas Carol Services

Our annual Carol services are a great event to invite friends and workmates to, simple, beautiful, soulful and thought provoking. Not to mention the mulled wine and minced pies. If you wish to send out an invite you can use the one above (click for a full sized version) or pick a non-virtual one upContinue reading “Christmas Carol Services”

Church on the Corner Photography Prize 2009

22nd and 23rd October Taking a picture makes us look at the things around us in a different way; seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, or capturing the essence of a beautiful place. Have you had a moment where you’ve lifted your eyes up from the daily grind and captured a unique or surprising image?Continue reading “Church on the Corner Photography Prize 2009”

Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate

Welcome to everyone visiting after seeing us at Greenbelt. Great to meet so many of you there. Here is the set list, and resources for you to use. It would be great to know about places where you use them! 1) Our starting point was this terrible Samsung advert called Patience is not a virtueContinue reading “Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate”


Rebecca Mackenzie is our new Artist in Residence. She will be encouraging the many creative gifts at church, and her first project is called Home. The project involves daily writing, reflecting on the theme of home, and everyone is welcome to participate. You can find out more here.

Be part of the action

This is a great piece of work. I spotted it on the BBC website, it is an oil painting by Andrew Gad for the Church Advertising network who were responsible for The revolution begins.  Instead of the traditional nativity scene it imagines Jesus born in a London bus shelter. Not only provocative, it is beautifulContinue reading “Be part of the action”

Kings Cross Redevelopment

Things are changing quickly in our local area. The arrival of Eurostar and the redevelopment of the old railway sidings at Kings Cross is apparently the biggest brownfields redevelopment in Europe. It will mean something like 3000 new homes, shops and offices on the edge of the Parish, and is sure to have an enormousContinue reading “Kings Cross Redevelopment”

Easter 2008

If felt to me that Easter brought together all the themes we have been exploring over the last few months, themes like Kingdom, justice, restoration & creation. On Sunday morning we reflected on the resurrection account in Luke, and also this wonderful image by Stanley Spencer (click for a very large version). He imagines theContinue reading “Easter 2008”

Pasts Unearthed

Lots of you will know Fiona Fouhy who is a graduate from central St Martins. She uses the hidden stories lurking within the urban landscape surrounding Kings Cross and St Pancras in her triple exposure photographic images. Fiona is showing new work (an installation with historian Alan Dein) for the Arrivals2007 festival celebrating the openingContinue reading “Pasts Unearthed”